Certificate Program FAQ

Certificate Program FAQs

Health Literacy Specialist Certificate Program FAQs

When will all 7 micro-credentials be available?

The micro-credentials are in various stages of completion with anticipated launch dates between August and September 2021. You can check for updates by clicking on "Learn More" under each micro-credential.


Are there any pre-requisites to for the program?

No. Anyone can complete any number of micro-credentials. However, you should have a basic understanding about health literacy prior to taking the course.

When does the special pricing expire?

The initial launch discount ends mid-October 2021.


What payment options are available?

You can pay online or by check. If you would like to pay with a check, please contact Yolanda Herrera at yherrera@iha4health.org. She can also provide you with an invoice for your purchase.

Is Group or Organizational pricing available?
Yes, if you have 5 or more people that want to register for the certificate program, please contact Nick Collatos directly at ncollatos@iha4health.org


How long does it take to complete each micro-credential?

Each micro-credential varies in length depending on the number topics and lessons. We are gathering this information during the beta testing phase. We will post the approximate time under each micro-credential when it becomes available.

How long do I have to complete the micro-credential?
You have six months from when you begin to complete each micro-credential.


What is an assessment-based certificate program?

An assessment-based certificate program means you must complete the program and pass a test to earn a micro-credential and digital badge. You have 3 attempts to pass each exam.


Will I receive a credential after passing the exam?

No. This is a certificate program not a certification. As such, you will earn a digital badge for each micro-credential after you pass the exam. If you complete all 7 micro-credentials, you will earn a Health Literacy Specialist Certificate.  


Does the certificate expire?

No. Once you earn the micro-credential, you will keep that forever.


About Digital Badges

What is a digital badge?
Where physical badges or printed certificates have been in use for a long time, digital badges are an appropriate, easy and efficient way for educators, community groups and professional organizations to exhibit and reward participants for skills obtained in professional development or formal and informal learning.

Digital badges (or ebadges) are a validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality or interest that can be earned in various learning environments.

Benefits associated with digital badges include the ability to capture the complete learning path, so it "travels" with the user wherever they decide to display the badge. The digital badge carries with it information about assessment, evidence and other metadata required by the badge.

Who is Badgr?
IHA selected Badgr for our digital badge platform. You can create an account in Badgr to manage your badges in your “Backpack”. In Badgr, you can share single badges or badge collections with users, websites, or social media.

How do I get my digital badge?
After you complete the micro-credential and pass the assessment, you will receive an email from Badgr with your digital badge.

How can I add the digital badge to my resume?
Simply, select “Download” and a new tab will open with the image of your badge. Right-click on the image and select "Save as" and save the image as a .png or a .svg.

Sharing via SOCIAL
Sharing badges on social media sites allows users to showcase their learning and/or achievements with a broader audience. Please note that you must be logged in to the social media channel to share your badge.

Sharing badges on Facebook
When you share on Facebook, you have the option to share to your news feed or as a story. By default, a link to your award will be added to your post as an attachment. Your audience can learn more details about the award by clicking the badge link.

Sharing badges on LinkedIn
There are 2 different ways you can share badges to LinkedIn; as a post to your LinkedIn Feed or to the Certifications section of your profile.

Sharing badges on Twitter
When you opt to share your digital badge on Twitter, the post comes pre-written with a link to the achievement details.