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The Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA) is a nonprofit, 501 (c) (3) public benefit charity with the mission of elevating health literacy to achieve health equity.

At the Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA), we strive to help everyone across the healthcare system integrate health literacy into their professional practice and development. Our work supports organizations of all types and sizes, since we know that boosting health literacy can bolster everything from patient satisfaction and outcomes to hospital efficiency.

Our dedication to sharing and disseminating information about health literacy stems from a desire to permanently improve lives. We firmly believe that increasing the level of health literacy among populations, and making sure healthcare professionals communicate clearly and plainly, will have exponentially positive effects on general well-being for decades to come. As experts in healthcare delivery, communications, medical research, and community needs, we know that improved health starts with understanding.

For decades, IHA has worked to provide world-class learning tools, conferences, resources and consulting to health experts. We have long been recognized as a reliable and valued resource on health literacy, and are responsible for policy, practice, and research gatherings that connect professional peers. Our online hub of health literacy resources and tools, the IHA Health Literacy Solutions Center, serves and connects health experts from a wide variety of organizations, equipping them with the most innovative tools in the field.

Our vision is to build a world where all individuals have access to quality health outcomes. To achieve this vision, our mission is to empower, educate, and support health professionals and organizations to remove communication barriers so patients can manage their own care and thrive. Everything we do is designed to support this mission, and make global health equity possible.

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