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Mary Ann G. Abiado, PhD, MSN, RN
Since 2008, Dr. Abiado serves as OhioHealth Community Health Partnerships’ Data Management and
Evaluation Specialist. Her primary duties are focused on systematically gathering, managing, and
analyzing data for process improvement and evaluation of OhioHealth’s Community Benefit programs.
Apart from her data-related responsibilities at OhioHealth Community Health Partnerships, Dr. Abiado
serves as a nurse health educator for the “OhioHealth In The Driver’s Seat” virtual health and wellness
education, “OhioHealth Let’s Move” and “OhioHealth Cooking Demonstrations.” Beginning in April 2022,
in addition to her full-time work at the Department of Community Health Partnerships, Dr. Abiado has
started a bonus-based additional income to support the OhioHealth Employer Solutions’ Disease
Management Team. Primarily, she assists the senior medical director in developing toolkits and health
coaching documentations and mock scripts for common chronic conditions such as chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease (COPD), obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure.
Dr. Abiado is originally from the Philippines and an active member of the Philippine American Society of
Central Ohio (PASCO). Dr. Abiado is also an active member of the OhioHealth ASIAN Business Resource
Group which promotes awareness and education of various Asian cultures, community outreach and
networking. Since 2016, she has led the OhioHealth Seedling Volunteer Project where OhioHealth
employees raise vegetable and flower seedlings and donate them to community gardens. Before
becoming a community health nurse, Dr. Abiado specialized in research and/or extension work focused
on fish genetics and reproduction at the University of Wales-Swansea, United Kingdom, University of
Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin, and The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Upon reaching
her retirement years in the next decade, Dr. Abiado hopes to integrate nursing, agriculture, horticulture,
aquaculture in helping promote health and wellbeing among people and communities around the world.
Ultimately, Dr. Abiado wants to do international mission work representing the United States so
“every one gets a fair chance.”