How to Develop Inclusive Health Decision Aids 

06-20-2023 11:06 AM

Webinar Description:

Making health decisions can be a complicated and personal process. Decision aids can help patients and their caregivers understand their options and empower them to have productive conversations with their doctors. Using a human-centered design process, CommunicateHealth has created decision aids to facilitate informed decisions on topics like colorectal cancer screening preferences and managing ALS. In this presentation, we’ll share lessons learned — including best practices for designing, building, and testing decision aids. We’ll also discuss how inclusive, accessible decision aids support shared decision-making between patients and doctors — and how these tools address health literacy and advance health equity.


By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

- Describe how health decision aids can support health literacy and health equity
- Set a process for developing and testing health decision aids for a variety of audiences
- Identify best practices in designing clear, inclusive, and accessible health decision aids that support the decisional balance of patients and their caregivers


Luisa Ramirez, BS
Digital Strategist

Luisa Ramirez
As a Digital Strategist at CommunicateHealth, Luisa provides strategic guidance for developing and maintaining health communication products that meet health literacy, accessibility, and user experience best practices. With a background in global health and over 5 years of experience working on digital projects, she is committed to creating innovative solutions that address users’ health information needs.

Kathleen Walker
Senior Content Strategist

Kathleen Walker
As a senior content strategist at CommunicateHealth, Kathleen creates plain language health content that educates and inspires. With 10 years of experience developing health and wellness communication campaigns, Kathleen knows how to connect with diverse consumer audiences. She excels at translating complex health information into simple and engaging content. Kathleen is passionate about creating accessible and inclusive content and promoting health literacy.


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