Webinar- Create Consent Forms Patients Can Understand 

23 days ago


Despite their ethical and legal importance, consent forms create barriers for many patients. Research shows patients do not understand the importance of informed consent in healthcare, do not read consent forms before surgery, and believe consent forms are too complex. 

In this webinar, you will learn how to increase patient comprehension of consent forms through an interdisciplinary approach to implementing health literacy practices. 

You’ll learn how to implement a health-literate consent form process to systematically review and redesign forms; identify new ways to prioritize health literacy and system standardization; and incorporate the process and shared resources into your work. You’ll also learn about legal, ethical, and regulatory requirements and barriers.

Although the consent form examples and experience are specific to healthcare, the overall recommendations are applicable to any situation that requires the understanding and consent of a patient, employee, or community member. 


  1. Identify the 4 types of patient consent forms identified in this presentation (agreement, authorization, informed, revoke) and give examples of situations that would require each. 

  2. Explain 2 legal requirements and 2 patient considerations for each of the 4 types of patient consent forms.

  3. List at least 3 health literacy practices you can include in the design and format of consent forms. 


Becca Austin, MA, AT, ATC
Patient Education Specialist
Organizational Health Literacy and Patient Education, Henry Ford Health 


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Health Literacy Considerations and Strategies for Patient Signature Forms

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