Certificate Program: Policies and General Information

Certificate Program: Policies and General Information

Health Literacy Specialist Certificate Program
Policies and General Information

What information does IHA retain about each participant?

IHA retains the following:

  • a list of individuals currently participating in the program;
  • the performance of participants on the summative exam;
  • a list of individuals who earn a digital badge in each micro-credential; and
  • a list of participants who have been issued a certificate, and the date the certificate was issued. (Renewal of the certificate is not required. Therefore, a certificate expiration date is not applicable.)

Statistics related to program activity, pass/no pass rates, and other relevant data will be compiled annually and shared with the Board.

How are the records maintained?

All records will be maintained by IHA. Access to such information will be made available to appropriate parties and personnel on an as-needed basis at the discretion of IHA.

What information is considered confidential?

The following information is considered confidential:

  • an individual’s application status;
  • personal applicant/participant information;
  • proprietary program content;
  • exam items and answers; and
  • individual exam scores.

Information about a participant will be released only to that individual unless release of the information is authorized in writing by the individual or is required by law. An individual’s micro-credential or certificate status is not considered confidential. The names of individuals who have completed one or more micro-credentials are not considered confidential and may be published by IHA. To verify if an individual has earned a micro-credential, contact Brianna Romeo at certificates@iha4health.org.  

What is considered a violation of IHA’s policies?

You will be considered in violation of the Health Literacy Specialist Certificate Program if you:

  • misrepresent your identity or eligibility status;
  • give or receive unauthorized assistance on the exam(s);
  • claim, state, or imply that the certificate is a professional certification or that its purpose and scope are beyond that specified by the certificate provider; or
  • engage in other violations of established policies.

What if someone violates a program rule, requirements, and/or policies?

If you violate the program rules, requirements, and/or policies, IHA may reprimand you, suspend your participation, or revoke the micro-credential(s) you earned.

Can I appeal a failing exam score?

Yes. To appeal the exam results, the participant must submit a written request detailing the situation that occurred during testing and the policy violation(s). Please note: Appeal requests regarding the program content will not be accepted.

The written appeal should include:

  • a description of the exam-related incident that negatively impacted their performance.
  • a statement indicating why the incident affected their performance.
  • support documentation when applicable.

Please submit appeals to certificates@iha4health.org.  

Appeal Review Process

The IHA will review the request and supporting documentation. Participants will receive a decision in writing within 45 days of submitting the request. All decisions are final. The IHA will maintain a record of all appeals and document the actions taken.