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About Conference Archive Central
IHA hosts and co-hosts multiple conferences every year. These conferences include:

  1. IHA's Annual Health Literacy Conference
  2. Health Literacy Annual Research Conference (HARC)
  3. Health Literacy in Action Conference (HLiA)
  4. Arizona's Annual Health Literacy Conference

IHA makes content from these conferences available through one central location: Conference Archive Central. Here you can access past session video recordings, posters, and agendas.

Please note:
We upload content to this site within 3 months after the conference. We secure presenter permission before releasing their presentations. As a result, some content may not be available.

Two ways to access the conference archives:

1. On the navigation bar at the top of this page, archived content is organized by each of the 4 conferences noted above. To view the content for a specific conference, click the conference and select a year from the dropdown menu.

2. Below, you will find the most recent conferences. To view the content for a specific conference, click the “View Archived Content” button.

Recent Conferences

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