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WEBSITE - COVID-19 Resources and Tools

Description: Website dedicated to clinicians, nurses, and medical researchers to provide new developments, evidence, and guidance. Author(s): Wolters Kluwer Keywords: coronavirus, COVID19, novel coronavirus, professionals, diagnosis Languages: English Type of Resource: ...

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Do You Know Your Rights with COVID-19?

Description: A plain language COVID-19 fact sheet describes the rights of people with disabilities and self-advocacy tips when receiving medical care. Author(s): The Center for Dignity in Healthcare for People with Disabilities Keywords: coronavirus, COVID19, novel coronavirus, rights...

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COVID-19 for children 3-6 years old

Description: An infographic for kids illustrations that provides information on what is coronavirus. Author(s): COVID-19 Health Literacy Project Keywords: coronavirus, COVID19, novel coronavirus, isolation, treatment, children, physical distance, health literacy, infographic ...

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HANDOUTS – Adult Literacy Research Center High Interest /Low Literacy Library of COVID19 materials

Description: This is a library of COVID-19 materials written between the 1st and 9th grade reading levels. Our intent is that it will be used by adult educators, community organizers, health professionals – anyone who deals with adults with low reading skills. Author(s): Iris Feinberg ...

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HANDOUTS - COVID-19 – Coronavirus

Description: This interactive multimedia program explains COVID-19, the new coronavirus. The program includes the following sections: what are the symptoms of COVID-19, how is it diagnosed, how can the symptoms be treated and how can we prevent the virus from spreading. PDFs are available in...