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WEBSITE - COVID-19 Resources and Tools

Description: Website dedicated to clinicians, nurses, and medical researchers to provide new developments, evidence, and guidance. Author(s): Wolters Kluwer Keywords: coronavirus, COVID19, novel coronavirus, professionals, diagnosis Languages: English Type of Resource: ...

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HANDOUTS – Adult Literacy Research Center High Interest /Low Literacy Library of COVID19 materials

Description: This is a library of COVID-19 materials written between the 1st and 9th grade reading levels. Our intent is that it will be used by adult educators, community organizers, health professionals – anyone who deals with adults with low reading skills. Author(s): Iris Feinberg ...

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HANDOUTS - COVID-19 – Coronavirus

Description: This interactive multimedia program explains COVID-19, the new coronavirus. The program includes the following sections: what are the symptoms of COVID-19, how is it diagnosed, how can the symptoms be treated and how can we prevent the virus from spreading. PDFs are available in...

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ONLINE TOOL: Self- Checker

Description: The purpose of the Coronavirus Self-Checker is to help people make decisions about seeking appropriate medical care. This system is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of disease or other conditions, including COVID-19. This system is intended only for people who are...

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COVID-19 Clinical Case

Description: Examines distinguishing features of SARS-CoV-2 and other respiratory infections. Prof. Elliot takes the patient’s history (present illness, medical, social, and family history) into account to come to an initial diagnosis, then revises this when the patient returns with worse...